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Just all SUNDAY at 21:00H Server
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Hotan: Elegance

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Ryon Job Zone

What is Ryon Job Zone ?

- its a new Job System Uniques

How it Works ?

All and some of these Unique has a 20% chance Drop Box Random Item D11 Nova, Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Magic Pop, Global Chating, Unique Coins if you have bad luck you will not get anything, The unique appear at 00:00H server and 12:00H server.

- Unique Sphinx Reward silk: 5 silk
- Unique Sekhmet Reward silk: 6 silk
- Unique Apis Reward silk: 8 silk
- Unique Horus Reward silk: 10 silk
- Unique Nephthys Reward silk: 12 silk
- Unique Osiris Reward silk: 15 silk
- Unique Neith Reward silk: 20 silk
- Unique Anubis Reward silk: 25 silk
- Unique Isis Reward silk: 30 silk

How Can i join JOB ZONE ?

- When you reach level 105 wear you suit job and enter the map and have fun, but this will not be easy you must fight for the unique :)

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